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We love this church. It's a church that will give you the peace, encouragement and wisdom to take on the world with love and confidence. Each week you will hear the best advice for becoming a better person with Jesus as your guide and the Bible as your instruction manual. This is the kind of church you would invite your friends to, no matter their beliefs. It's comfortable and welcoming and you can really feel God's presence in the house and in your heart. - D.G

Thank you for the amazing service today!! 10 years ago, I started attending church services with Eastpoint. The past 6 years I was severely depressed and stayed away from the church because of my drinking. July of this year I decided to quit drinking and devote my life to Jesus and cast all my worries on to him. What a difference my life is today. For months now, I have been attending 3 church services a week…Life Center on Saturday nights then Eastpoint and Followers on Sunday. I wanted more of Jesus. I spend time by myself reading the Bible and praying. Thanking God for everything he has done for me. I am so amazed how different my life is, and how happy I am. Today when I stood in front of the altar for prayer and I felt someone's hand on my shoulder praying for me I felt so loved. Never have I felt so much love!! Thank you and Eastpoint for being there for me when I needed it the most and for Seeking the Lost and Loving the Found!! - Carol

Hi...I just wanted to thank you for tonight's message... I am looking forward to Sundays Hope Shattered hope was shattered and my first love was lost...I see that I am still affected by disillusionment...raising my children in the church and homeschooling them trying so hard to have them love God and expecting that they would...but they have been deeply affected by the disease of alcoholism and legalism that they are astray from God and I am praying more for them than my own heart.  My prayer has been for a few weeks that I would have a renewed heart a circumcised heart. That I would fall in love with Jesus again....I am a smoker now, for the last year it vexes me. I've tried to quit but it's not working so well...I feel like a bad Christ follower. Choosing the cigarettes over prayer when emotions get to me...even though I pray and am praying while I am is just not the same as not being controlled by nothing. I'm sorry I don’t know where I am going with all has been an emotional night. One cool thing. Years ago, I was wakened in the middle of the night with a saying... The key to Christianity is not merely to serve Jesus Christ but to fall deeply in love with Him whom you serve... I was later inspired to make it into a painting.  It was cool that it went with what you preached on. Thank you for your time.  Thank you for all you do, S

Our family absolutely loves Eastpoint! We have felt welcome from the first day we attended church there and every day since. We have always been greeted with warm smiles and a thanks for being there. The leadership is exceptional and are so real, genuine and transparent. We have been incredibly blessed to be a part of an amazing church family and call Eastpoint home! - JJ

Nine years ago I walked into a church that I had never been to. I was anxious, overwhelmed, embarrassed, ashamed, lonely, sad, mad, confused and broken. It was Christmas Eve of 2009 and even though I believed in God, I wasn't active in faith, I wasn't active in a relationship with him, but on that night as I was alone and driving around aimlessly, crying hysterically, for some reason I cried out, screamed actually, "God I can't do this. Why am I hear. I need you." I was literally at a stop light doing this when I looked up and saw a street sign with Xmas eve service times, without even thinking I pulled in. I didn't know what to expect or do, other than go in. I sat in the very back, making no eye contact and hoping NO one would see me. But, I was seen, I was touched, I was welcomed and I was loved on.

A man (who I later learned was a pastor, Matt King) I didn't even know walked up to me, he grabbed my hand with snot filled tissues, looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm so happy you are here, God loves you and so do I." I assume it was then he must've seen my swollen red filled eyes and unwillingness to keep eye contact with him, and without missing a beat he continued, "and I'd love to pray for you." My initial thought was, "What the bleep is happening, why are you so nice to me? I'm a mess. seriously. Don't see me." But, he did see me. He began to pray and I began to BAWL even more. I don't remember what was said, or anything about that service. I just sat their listening to the music, listening to the words spoken with my head down and I cried the entire time. I was still so sad when I left, after-all it was Christmas and my boys were with their dad for the first time without us as a family unit. We has just separated the month before and things were changing, pain was consuming and heartache was overwhelming.

I can't say I walked out of there feeling healed or miraculously put together, I wasn't, but what I can say is that I felt a burning desire stirring within my soul that I wanted more of this. I wanted to be loved on. I needed more of this and I needed to be loved on. I didn't have the strength to fight this battle alone, but this guy had the strength for me. The people within those walls had the strength for me to hold me up until I could see and feel the strength on my own. For the first time in a LONG time, that night I had hope....HOPE!!! Something I hadn't felt in a couple of years, but it was still in there and I felt it.

Week after week, I showed up, no expectations, little expectations if I'm being honest, just going through the motions to get me through, but each week I had even more of that burning desire to come back each week. Then one Sunday, I had the strength to lift up my hand and accept the love that I new I was deserving of and new I needed. I was far from perfect, far from being flawless, by far from being an expert.....I was none of those (I'm still none of those), but that's what made it so much better. I didn't have to be, I wasn't expected to be, and yet I was still worthy of his love and grace.

WOW!!! Life wasn't suddenly perfect when I accepted a personal relationship with God, in fact it seemed to get more challenging some seasons, but holy heck.....what a difference it made to have somewhere to put my faith when the challenges and tough times came. I've been challenged over and over and over again to lean into my faith, and every time I try to do it on my own, because "God can't possibly have time to help me once again, I got this, I'll figure it out," I am quickly reminded that I am incapable of doing it "On my own." No matter how many times I distrust or think "this is too big for God, I'll do it without him," he reminds me that nothing is TOO big and he's already forgiven me and loves me through it. He wants me to give it to him.

Releasing your troubles and declaring your struggles to God does not mean a magic wand is waved and, voila, it all goes means I am placing hope and having enough faith to lean into something far bigger than my understanding and far more spectacular than my struggles. It means that I believe in his power and unwavering love. And it means that even when I feel lonely, I am NEVER alone. I would not be where I am today without my faith. A lot has happened in these 9 years....another marriage, another divorce-survivor of domestic violence, three diagnoses of various sorts for my boys, a remission for one of my boys, deaths, unemployment, 10 surgeries, struggle after struggle, really HARD times, yet at the end of the day, my hope has remained and I have come out on the other side, each time, stronger than when I began in all of them. I have also had some really tragic things happen and some really wonderful things happen.

Through it all, Christ has strengthened me, God has loved me, and Jesus has saved me. Without my personal relationship with God or my convictions of Faith, growth and healing wouldn't have happened. Some days my hope and faith are as tiny as a mustard seed and some days it's as mighty as a mountain, but it's always there, because I made a decision that I can't do life on my own. I can't. I'm still a mess, a ringleader of a circus, a declared sh*t show more times than not, but the difference between now and then is, I don't have to TRY and I don't have to PRETEND that I'm not. He loves me just as I am. Did you read that??

He loved me JUST as I am and he loves you JUST as you are. I'm loved, accepted, forgiven and growing while still being all of those things, and THANK GOD he loves me through it all. I still find myself not knowing how I'll get through things sometimes, but I'm so happy that I don't have to do it alone. So, I show up and fill my soul by the power and strength of those who do when I can't do it myself. And the days I can do it, I'm not doing it by myself, he is always there in me fighting for me. Through all the broken pieces I thought I was, God saw a beautiful mosaic that he was waiting to piece together....he just needed me to accept his will to be able to allow him to do what he does best.

He creates beauty from ashes. He creates shiny pieces of art from tiny broken pieces of life (glass). Life has been tough, some seasons more tough than others, but now I see my struggles as a reason to share my story. I have a testimony that I'm not ashamed of, but rather accept, share and hope that maybe one person can see it and identify with. Now, I feel it's my turn to be the light and strength for others when they can't feel it themselves. That's the power of Jesus....that's the power of his love. Because of the God I have come to know, I have an imperfect, perfect love story and it just keeps growing and growing.

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