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We love this church. It's a church that will give you the peace, encouragement, and wisdom to take on the world with love and confidence.

Each week you will hear the best advice for becoming a better person with Jesus as your guide and the Bible as your instruction manual.

This is the kind of church you would invite your friends to, no matter their beliefs. It's comfortable and welcoming and you can really feel God's presence in the house and in your heart. - D.G

Thank you for the amazing service today!!

10 years ago, I started attending church services with Eastpoint. For the past 6 years, I was severely depressed and stayed away from the church because of my drinking. July of this year I decided to quit drinking and devote my life to Jesus and cast all my worries on to him. What a difference in my life is today.

For months now, I have been attending 3 church services a week…Life Center on Saturday nights then Eastpoint and Followers on Sunday. I wanted more of Jesus. I spend time by myself reading the Bible and praying. Thanking God for everything he has done for me.

I am so amazed at how different my life is, and how happy I am. Today when I stood in front of the altar for prayer and I felt someone's hand on my shoulder praying for me I felt so loved. Never have I felt so much love!! Thank you and Eastpoint for being there for me when I needed it the most and for Seeking the Lost and Loving the Found!! - Carol

Hi...I just wanted to thank you for tonight's message.

I am looking forward to Sundays Hope Shattered talk. My hope was shattered and my first love was lost. I see that I am still affected by disillusionment...raising my children in the church and homeschooling them trying so hard to have them love God and expecting that they would, but they have been deeply affected by the disease of alcoholism and legalism that they are astray from God and I am praying more for them than my own heart.

My prayer has been for a few weeks that I would have a renewed heart a circumcised heart.  Thank you for all you do. - S

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