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 A Spiritual Journey to Healing is a group for men and women who seek God’s grace and healing from the injuries and pain resulting from life events and experiences.

Discover what is causing the chaos and destruction of relationships in your life.
This workbook combines 12 steps with biblical principles and begins the process for one’s journey toward lasting change and renewal. 

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Read about how this healing journey is changing lives.

Ben Shewchuk -

I have been following Jesus since I was 4. I took God for granted because he was always there for me. I had to be broken down to see that my way doesn't work very well. This Spiritual Journey to Healing process has helped and is helping me rebuild and align myself to be more like Jesus by dealing with the issues that are keeping me from his plan for me. I no longer live in fear of the past or the future. I can live in the present for the first time in my life.


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Bob Counts –

The transformation that the 12 steps brought to my life 34 years ago was to teach me how to live without the numbing effects of alcohol and drugs. The biggest impact from that transformation was that in working the 12 steps I came back to the Church and back into a relationship with God through Christ. Of course, this material is not new to me, so the biggest impact from my time going through this material has been to bring me out of isolation. I had not been in fellowship with others who share my past experiences with addiction and healing from it for many years. Getting back into that fellowship has been very good for me. I look forward to continuing that fellowship and any opportunities God brings to me to share the message of hope and healing that He has brought to my life.

Melinda Hoekema -

The Spiritual Journey to Healing is unlike any other study I’ve done. It’s about who I am through the eyes of Jesus. It made me face several unwanted character flaws that I tried to cover up. It tore down my walls that I thought were there for protection. Along the journey I found myself again. I now understand how much God loves me. My life is a constant partnership with Christ. I’m so grateful for Pastor Teresa and Eastpoint Church.


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Jackie Gabert –

With a few years of sobriety and my spiritual life growing, I was still missing something. Wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I then learned about Rooted and joined that bible study. As I proceeded through this study -I felt like the Grinch – My heart grew so much in size that I was bursting to do more. This desire, this flame in my heart helped me pursue avenues that I normally wouldn’t do. I found Pastor Teresa and she mentioned this Spiritual Journey to Healing ministry that the church wanted to begin. God was telling me this is where I belong. I accepted the challenge and went through the 12 steps curriculum and was blown away. I wanted more and boy did I get more, more than I bargained for, but the healing was happening. Thank you, Jesus, for always being faithful.

Abby Shewchuk -

I did not want to come to "healing ministries"... I felt if I could just control my husband’s addiction, the hard circumstances, that was going on in our lives, my life, could go back to normal. Then I'd be fine again. But after trying to make my husband stop drinking, and failing and failing, I threw my hands in the air and said fine, then I'll work on me!! I realized that though I couldn't control the "storm" that felt so bad around me, I could do something to calm the "storms" inside of me. So, I started the process of The Spiritual Journey to Healing. I showed up. It's wasn't easy for me, to make that choice. I came to the first "12 steps to spiritual freedom" group totally scared to talk about what was happening. But after a few weeks I found something I'd never found before, transparency and a supportive loving community of believers. I heard story after story of others going through painful circumstances, and started to realize we all are going through, have gone through, or will go through painful circumstances. I was able to share, for the first time, what was happening and find love, acceptance and encouragement. No judgment, no advice (unless I asked), and no pretending. Just love and a path toward healing. I found that I was carrying around an awful lot of my own issues including controlling others, lots of fears, perfectionism, and resentments. I found that if I am aware of what's inside me, I can start to let God heal my hurts. And I can let others love me and support me, which (emotionally) saved me in the midst of my storm. We can't do this life alone, we need help and love from each other.

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Leah Pepito -

Having done the 12 Steps Spiritual Journey to Healing in the Summer of 2018, I have to say the one thing that impacted me the most was that, I WAS NOT ALONE.  For years I hid my true feelings of how I felt, I was always told "GET OVER IT".  I realized that my feelings had validation, that what I was feeling was normal, and that God wanted me to be honest with Him.  It was always easy for me to help others, I would listen to their story and tell them God wants your pain, and as I prayed for others I would hear in my own heart… what about me… I wasn't important and I kept hearing 'Get over it' which were haunting words of pain. The problem was I WANTED TO GET OVER IT, BUT SOMETHINGS STILL STUNG. Now, I have to say that I have found my place of safety and that God's grace and love cover me and as long as I can express myself in truth and grace. There is someone on the other end who is willing to hear me and validate me and encourage me till the end.  Eastpoint Church is that place.  I know I am accepted, loved, cherished, and I am nurtured there.  12 Steps Spiritual Journey to Healing opened my door of trust a bit more and I am finding freedom.SO GRATEFUL I AM ON THIS JOURNEY!


Marna Rickey –

I have had this place inside me that I just didn't feel God was there.  Having been a Christian for decades there always was something that I just couldn't believe for myself.  Now I know, it's my sin. I needed to deal with it.  It has only been in doing the 12 Steps Spiritual Journey to Healing that I was opening up areas that I thought were dealt with and never to be opened again.  Wrong!  God is God and sin is sin.  I have kept a part of me so locked up that I didn't even know what was there.  After all, I have been studying the word, been in bible studies, serving etc.  But, now I realize coming from an alcoholic family and traumatic childhood there part of me that absolutely didn't trust God, nor wanted to trust him.  By looking at the steps and doing my part, I realized that when God's Holy Spirit is searching my heart and I shut up, I could see ways in ME that needed to be brought up and have His light shine in and deal with it.  Now once and for all I am seeing the delight of the Lord in my heart that I have been yearning for!  God does His part and I had to do my part.  Just thinking of nailing it on the cross (like I had been taught) didn't help.  It was like going on a diet and expecting God to shut my mouth when it was my will that I needed to change.  Now, I am working in the Genesis Process and learning about behaviors that I have had from that trauma in my childhood and gaining truth with why I think the way I think and getting in line with God's truth.  I have my freedom and believe it for myself!  His grace is for Me!  He can and is able to heal the deepest parts of me that I thought couldn't be healed.  As I have gone deeper with God, I now can tread and stay afloat.  His grace never tasted so sweet.

Teresa Ahrendt -

Even as a Pastor, I battle fears and insecurities. Going through A Spiritual Journey to Heal gave me an opportunity to pinpoint some of those insecurities and lies that were holding me back. It also allowed me to replace those lies with the truth of God’s Word instead. A Spiritual Journey allowed me to identify and name emotional wounds that I didn’t know I had and gave me the tools I needed to heal. This ministry allows, not only emotional healing, but a deeper relationship and faith in Jesus as we remove the things that hold us back from faith and obedience and receive His grace and love.

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