What is PEACE?

PEACE is “ordinary people,

empowered by God,   

making a difference together,

wherever they are.”

PEACE is all about addressing the five global giants:

Spiritual emptiness

Self-serving leadership




Through PEACE, we work both in our own community and with local churches around the world to bring lasting change.

What does PEACE stand for?

PEACE is an acronym for five solutions to the five global giants.


Planting churches that promote reconciliation provides a path for the seeking to find a solution to their spiritual emptiness.

Equipping servant leaders is a solution to eliminating self-serving leadership and corruption.

Assisting the poor helps those in poverty with immediate basic needs as well as introducing them to life transformation.

Caring for the sick is a critical element in the reduction and elimination of disease.

Educating the next generation builds a bridge across the gap that illiteracy causes.


What does PEACE look like?

PEACE can be activated on three different levels.


Personal PEACE | Personal Sphere of Influence

This starts with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or classmates and includes everyday encounters. Personal PEACE involves initiating acts of random kindness while looking into the lives of the people around to see needs and help to fill them.


Local PEACE | Local Community  

This starts with a group of people who have been mobilized.

By Interest or Cause -

    • Orphans and Vulnerable Children
    • Justice and Trafficking
    • Poverty and Economic Development
    • Healthcare
    • Education

By Place or People Group -

    • Local Neighborhoods
    • Local Communities
    • Minority or Marginalized Groups

They get together, train, and then create/initiate PEACE projects.


Global PEACE | Global Community

This starts with an activated church reaching others cross-culturally. The goal is holistic transformation through the local church. We have been partnering with leaders in the country of Botswana for over three years and are continuing to mentor and support them as they initiate Local PEACE in their own communities.

What is the plan?

A PEACE Center is now open!

Stay Tuned for more information as our plans develop.