Discussion Questions:

Have you ever longed for something so much that even the longing changed you? Did you ever have a dream that “motivated you to movement?”

Why is it that we humans (even Christians) struggle sometimes to define what truly is a priority and what matters most?

Do you agree that confusion about what matters most is another deadly enemy of spiritual renewal and growth? If so, why? How does clarity about what matters most help you in your spiritual journey?

Can you tell us about a time in your life where confusion about what is truly important distracted you or perhaps derailed your faith for a time?

Why are you sometimes not so thirsty for the “living water” of God’s Spirit? Do you have fears about the Holy Spirit? What “other temporary things” do you sometimes turn to for quenching of your thirst?

Living water is mentioned often in the Scriptures. Why use water as a metaphor?

Do you agree that you “leak” and therefore you need on-going (i.e. daily) spiritual renewal, refilling, and refreshing by the work of the Holy Spirit?

Kurt mentioned four ways to “position” yourself to receive more. What stood out to you? Can you think of other ways you can be better positioned to experience more of God in your life?

Read David’s Psalm 84 again as a group. What do you notice about David’s passions and longings?

What can we learn from his example and his heart?